Dr. Bhargava Appetiser Syrup (100ml)

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    Improves Appetite and Digestion, Loss of Appetite after chronic illness. 


    Also known by
    Bhargava Appe syrup

    Indications of Dr. Bhargava (R S Bhargava) Appetiser:
    It increases the appetite.
    It improves the digestion.
    It removes the aversion to food, indigestion, dyspepsia and deficiencies of nutrition.
    It is good for physical exhaustion, general debility, low states of vitality, loss of appetite and convalescence after long illness.

    Composition of R S Bhargava Appetiser:

    • Abies Nigra Q
    • Carduus marianus Q
    • Quassia amara Q
    • Hydrastis canadensis Q
    • Cinchona officinalis Q
    • Alfalfa Q
    • Gentiana lutea Q
    • Calcarea phosphorica 6x
    • Ferrum phosphoricum 6x
    • Kali phosphoricum 6x
    • Magnesium phosphoricum 6x
    • Natrum phosphoricum 6x

    Action of Individual Ingredients present in Bhargava Appetiser Syrup: 

    • Abies Nigra Q : Constipation, Indigestion associated with gastric disturbances and Dyspeptic trouble in old age.
    • Carduus marianus Q : Aversion to salty food and loss of Appetite. Liver disorder.
    • Quassia amara Q : Dyspepsia associated with gastric trouble and acidity.
    • Hydrastis canadensis Q : It has remarkable action on Liver and specially acts on Mucous Membranes & Catarrh.
    • Cinchona officinalis Q : Anaemia, loss of Appetite.
    • Alfalfa Q : Alfalfa favourably influences nutrition evidenced in “Toning Up” the appetite and digestion.
    • Gentiana lutea Q : Increases Appetite, Painful Flatulence & heaviness in Stomach. Nausea and inclination to Vomit after simplest meal.
    • Calcarea phosphorica 6x : Anaemic children who have feeble digestion. Anaemias after acute and chronic wasting diseases. Lack of nutrition with weak assimilation of nutrients.
    • Ferrum phosphoricum 6x : Poor appetite. Pain in stomach, after eating, Aversion to meat and milk.
    • Kali phosphoricum 6x : Hungry; but sight of food took away all appetite. No appetite; except for sweets. Nausea after eating
    • Magnesium phosphoricum 6x : Appetite: small, unusually good, but food disagreed. Food does not taste right. Flatulent colic. Constipation due to flatulence and indigestion.
    • Natrum phosphoricum 6x : Acidity in children, fed with excess of milk and sugar. Aversion to bread and butter. Eructations after eating.

    Dosage of Dr. Bhargava Appetiser Syrup:
    Adult: 1 tablespoonful.
    Children: 1 teaspoonful before meal three times a day

    Consult a physician before purchasing this medicine. Not for self-medication.


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    Dr. Bhargava Appetiser Syrup (100ml)

    95.00106.00 (-10%)

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