Dr. Bhargava Babchi Oil (60ml)

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    Babchi Oil is useful for white patches on skin, Red patches and dryness of skin


    Commonly known as

    babchi, Bakuchi oil

    About Dr. Bhargava Babchi Oil 

    Babchi is trusted a herb for blood purification and skin health. Babchi is a Hindi name for Psoralea corylifolia and the Sanskrit name is Bakuchi. It is a part of the Fabaceae plant family. The essential oil of Babchi is extracted from its seeds by steam distillation method. 

    It is very effective medicated oil to be applied locally for leprosy, White patches on the skin, Vitiligo & leucoderma and other skin diseases.

    Ingredients of Bhargava Babchi Oil

    • Extract of the herb Psoralea corylifolia

    Benefits of Bhargava Babchi Oil 

    • It helps to treat leucoderma.
    • It helps to treat leprosy, bone disorder, impotency, etc.
    • It helps to treat Psoriasis and dryness of the skin.
    • It helps to relieve lower backaches.


    Apply with cotton 2-3 times daily, after application exposes the area for at least 5-10 minutes. In the sunlight & doesn’t wash the area for at least 1-2 hrs; or as directed by the physician

    PRECAUTION: Don’t apply on open wounds, cut or crack skin, scalp and face.


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    Dr. Bhargava Babchi Oil (60ml)

    138.00148.00 (-7%)

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