Dr. Bhargava Skedin Drops (30ml)

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    For Eczema, Pimples, Rashes, Urticaria, Psoriasis, Boils,Skin Diseases


    Commonly known as

    minims no. 25, minims 25, bhargava 25 drop, skedin

    Dr. Bhargava Skedin Minims

    Bhargava Skedin drops is Homeopathic liquid oral drops for skin infections. Used for owings to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, de-purative, anti-oxidant properties and blood purifying properties,

    Indications of Dr. Bhargava Skedin Minims

    It is useful in skin infections like Boils, Abscesses, Wounds, Eczema, Pimples, Herpes, Psoriasis, Burning, itching, dry, rough, scaly, red, cracked skin.

    Other Indications of Dr. Bhargava Skedin Minims

    • Severe itching with redness of skin
    • For complete skin protection

    Composition of Dr. Bhargava Skedin Minims

    • Juglans Regia 3X: Comedones and acne of the face. Crusta lactea, with soreness around ears. Itching and eruptions of small red pustules. Scalp red, and itches violently at night. Chancre-like ulcer.
    • Sarsaparilla 3X: Herpetic eruptions; ulcers. Rash from exposure to open air; dry, itching; comes on in spring; becomes crusty. Rhagades; skin cracked on hands and feet. Skin hard, indurated. Summer cutaneous affections.
    • Berberis Aquifolium 2X: Pimply, dry, rough, scaly. Eruption on scalp extending to face and neck. Tumor of breast, with pain. Psoriasis. Acne. Dry eczema. Itching. Glandular induration.
    • Echinacea Angustifolia 3X: Recurring boils. Carbuncles. Irritations from insect bites and poisonous plants. Lymphatics enlarged, blood poisoning, septic conditions. Boils. Erysipelas and foul ulcers. Gangrene.
    • Azadirachta Indica 3X: It has antioxidant, wound-healing, and anti-microbial properties. Useful in various skin problems like boil, ulcers, eczema and psoriasis. Much itching of body; burning and prickling.

    Dosage of Dr. Bhargava Skedin Minims

    Take 10-15 drops of Skedin drops in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


    Consult a physician before purchasing this medicine. Not for self-medication.


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    Dr. Bhargava Skedin Drops (30ml)

    148.00159.00 (-7%)

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