Dr. Bhargava Wartin Drops (30ml)

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    For All Kinds of Warts and Corns, Polypus, corns, brown spots, eruptions


    Also known as

    warts, wart drop

    Dr. Bhargava Wartin Drops

    Dr. Bhargava Wartin Drops indicated in all types of warts / corns /moles / excrescences / condylomata of any size, shape, colour, contour, texture, etc.  Its a Natural, Safe, Effective medicine for warts and heal the disease as a whole without leaving any scars.

    Indications of Dr. Bhargava Wart Off Cream

    All types of warts/moles/excrescences of any size, shape, color, contour, texture, etc. located anywhere on body oozing moisture or blood.

    Composition of Dr. Bhargava Wartin Drops

    Antimonium crudum 6x: Suited to hard, horny, or soft, smooth warts esp. on hands which are prone to pressure & friction with stinging pain. Mostly develop in obese individuals who have suppression of eruptions or ulcers.

    Causticum 6x: Suited to large, horny, broad, fat & hard, moist & pedunculated warts and flat warts esp. on nose, eyebrows, eye-lids, face, lips, near the nail, tips of fingers, upper limbs or all over the body, tends to bleed or suppurates easily.

    Dulcamara 4x: Suited to smooth, hard, fleshy warts; or stalked warts, esp. on face, hands, fingers, close to nail; aggravate on washing with cold water or in damp and cold weather; with pains & coldness of body. 

    Natrum sulphuricum6x: Suited to knotty, sycotic, raised, red warts, esp. on the anus, between the thighs. Worse from DAMP in any form (weather, food, residence near the water) & touch.

    Nitric acid 3x: Suited to moist, cauliflower like hard, large, indented, inflamed or soft with thin epidermis & moist, large, jagged, often pedunculated. Warts on genitals, anus, cervical region, inside nose, external throat, sternum, eyelids, upper lip; exuding foetid moisture or bleeds readily; worse touch, jar, cold, at night.

    Staphysagria 6x: Suited to stalked warts resembling a cauliflower; often soft, moist or dry; jagged around the edges; esp. around the gums, cheeks, and even on the tongue, penis and around the anus; sensitive when touched. Develop in the person following a venereal disease.

    Thuja occidentalis 2x: Suited to broad, conical, flat, pedunculated, indented, fan shaped warts with a tendency to split from their edge or the surface or fig warts with little necks or tubular warts; oozing or bleeding readily; brown or red navy in color. Mostly located on back, cervical region, upper limb, face, nose, eyebrows, eyes, eyelids, chin, external throat, back of hand.

    Dosage/Directions of Dr. Bhargava Wartin Drops

    ADULT: 15 drops in 1/4 cup of lukewarm water 3-4 times daily,

    CHILDREN: Half of adult dose or as directed by the physician.


    Consult a physician before purchasing this medicine. Not for self-medication.


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    Dr. Bhargava Wartin Drops (30ml)

    148.00159.00 (-7%)

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