Hapdco Aqui Plus Cream (25g)

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For Acne, Pimples, Blackheads, Acne Scars and Unhealthy Skin


Commonly known as

Aquiplus cream, HAPDCO aquifolium cream

Benifits of Hapdco Aqui Plus Cream:

  • Hapdco Aqui Plus Cream is useful for treating acne & pimples, blackheads, pitting and scarring on the face and unhealthy skin.
  • It is also useful for skin having dark spots or scars due to acne or any other conditions.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.
  • It is beneficial for dry or damaged skin as it greatly heals, soothes, and softens skin. 

Directions of use of Hapdco Aqui Plus Cream:

  • Wash the face with water and mild soap
  • Dry your face
  • Apply Hapdco Aqui Plus Cream on the skin in a circular motion of fingertips
  • Leave it overnight

Composition of Hapdco Aqui Plus Cream:

Berberis Aquifolium: Berberis Aquifolium takes top position homeopathy as a natural herb for clearing facial complexion. It is used in all cases where the skin is dark or has scars due to acne or any other conditions.

Thuja occidentalis: Thuja Occidentalis (a native European tree) is widely recognized in Homeopathy for its main action on the skin as it addresses skin problems like psoriasis and infectious skin diseases, warts, etc. Thuja Occidentalis has volatile oil with 60% thujone, flavinoids, wax, mucilage and tannins which have specific anti-bacterial and anti-viral actions. stimulates the circulation of blood below the skin and nourishes the skin.

Calendula officinalis: Calendula officinalis is a wonderful herb for skin due to its potent anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Calendula is beneficial for dry or damaged skin as it greatly heals, soothes, and softens skin, Acts as a natural antiseptic

Hydrastis canadensis: Tones up weak muscular power, skin looks firmer.

Curcuma longa: Turmeric or ‘haldi’ helps promote a flawless skin, excellent exfoliating agent and can help you defeat the signs of aging. Turmeric also takes care of the scars and inflammation and helps reduce oil secretion by sebaceous glands 


  • Keep it away from children
  • Use as mentioned on the label or as directed by your dermatologist


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Hapdco Aqui Plus Cream (25g)

85.0090.00 (-6%)

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