Curista Naturals Sunscreen Lotion – Broad spectrum protection of body & face – 150 ml

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Non-greasy and fast absorbing SPF 30 +  Sun Screen lotion. Broad Spectrum Protection against Harmful UVA & UVB Sun Rays.

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Sunscreen Lotion – Broad spectrum protection of body & face

Curista’s Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 is a non-greasy and fast absorbing lotion which provides broad spectrum protection against harmful UVA & UVB sun rays. It keeps the skin nourished, moisturized and healthy. It keeps your skin normally cool, hydrated, agreeable and ensured.

Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera: It’s antibacterial and anti-fungal activity shield your skin from unforgiving sunbeams. It’s hydrating; softening and extreme moisturizing properties sustain the skin and make it delicate and invigorating.

Almond Oil: Almonds contain exceptionally powerful antioxidants and Vitamins which can shield your skin from oxidative stress and destructive UV radiation; keeping it delicate and supple.

Carrot Seed Oil: Contain cell reinforcements including beta-carotene, vitamin A & vitamin E, in this fundamental oil, which shields your skin from manifestations of untimely aging like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and so on.

Rose Extract: Being a characteristic astringent, rose fixes pores and reestablish suppleness for a shining appearance. It contains a few vitamins and essential fatty acids, which lessens fine lines & wrinkles.

Saffron Extract: It acts as an anti-solar agent, wherein, it assimilates the UV beams and shields the skin from sun harm. Saffron likewise has mitigating properties that assistance lessen skin irritations, rashes, and swelling.

Sesame Oil: It is advanced with essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and a few proteins which make it sufficiently compelling to lessen scars and different rashes on the skin.

Kokum Butter: Kokum normally supports the skin and ensures against dryness and the cruel signs of aging that paces up during exposure to the sun and regular toxins.

Wheat Germ Oil: It has a few cell reinforcements which are compelling in supporting and ensuring the skin break out inclined skin. It contains vitamin E, which influences your skin to look supple and gleaming.

Grapes Seed Oil: Its effective cell reinforcement properties prevent skin aging by limiting harm caused by free radicals. It likewise gives insurance against sun harm, and it has astringent properties which work to fix the skin.

Olive Oil: This oil contains a decent measure of vitamin E, an antioxidant that shields the skin from different external variables like the cruel sunbeams or the breeze.

Ashwagandha Extract: Ashwagandha contains high levels of antioxidants that savage the free radicals to battle the indications of aging like wrinkles, dim spots, fine lines, blemishes, and imperfections.

Turmeric: It has anti-bacterial properties and confers a brighter skin composition. It additionally postpones the appearance of aging on the skin and blurs the presence of dull spots.

Cucumber Extract: Cucumber is a natural moisturizer and it helps in re-hydrating and renewing the skin. Cucumber is a mellow astringent that disposes of skin tan, spots, and flaws.

Neem: Neem, known for its refining and antibacterial properties, slaughter issue making microorganisms and helps control skin inflammation and pimples leaving your skin revived and issue free.

Papaya Leaf Extract: Due to the presence dynamic enzymes in papaya, it can make your skin perfect, it decreases pigmentation and controls acne, skin breakouts, and formation of wrinkle.

Directions for use: Apply equally on the face and uncovered zones of the body, no less than 20 minutes before sun exposure. Use this sunscreen body lotion daily for an infant delicate skin.

Presentation: 150 ml


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Curista Naturals Sunscreen Lotion - Broad spectrum protection of body & face - 150 ml

86.00175.00 (-51%)

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