Dr. Bhargava Shakoon Tablets (30tab)

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  • Bhargava
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    Useful for Sleeplessness, Disturbed Sleep, anxiety, restlessness, Headache


    Also known by

    Shkoon, sakun, sakoon, shakun tab

    Indications of Dr. Bhargava Shakoon Tablets

    Bhargava Shakoon Tablets is a homeopathic medicine which improves sleep without addiction.

    It help to promotes sleep, reduces headache, stress, anxiety & general debility, relaxes your body and mind to give a good quality sleep.

    Useful for sleeplessness with drowsiness. Restless and sleepless with frightful dreams.

    For Insomnia of all ages due to mental exhaustion and overworked.

    Other Indications of Dr. Bhargava Shakoon Tablets

    • Insomnia
    • Weakness
    • Nervous exhaustion
    • headache 

    Composition of Dr. Bhargava Shakoon Tablets

    Atropa belladonna 2X : Act as an anticholinergic. Sleeplessness, with drowsiness. Restless, crying out, gritting of teeth during sleep. Sleeps with hands under head. Kept awake by pulsation of blood-vessels. 

    Chamomilla 2X: A calming, sedative & anxiolytic agent. Drowsiness with moaning, weeping and wailing during sleep. Anxious, frightened dreams, with half-open eyes.

    Ferrum phosphoricum 2X : Replenishes deficient iron for calming & relaxing effects on nervous system. Restless and sleepless. Anxious dreams. Night sweats  during sleep due to anæmia.

    Magnesium phosphoricum 2X : Replenishes deficient magnesium as well as possesses antispasmodic action, relieving nerve irritation.

    Passiflora incarnata Q : Modulates the GABA system for tranquilizing, sedative and anti-anxiety effects as well as antispasmodic action. Restless and wakeful, resulting from exhaustion. Especially in the feeble, infants and the aged. Insomnia of infants and the aged, and the mentally worried, and overworked, with tendency to convulsions. 

    Zincum picricum 2X : Replenish the deficient zinc responsible for synthesis of serotonin inducing healthy sleep cycle as well as possesses antioxidant effects. Sleeplessness due to brain-fag& headache.

    Dosage/Directions of Dr. Bhargava Shakoon Tablets

    1 tablet at bed time or as & when there is anxiety or as prescribed by the physician.


    Consult a physician before purchasing this medicine.  Not for self-medication.


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    Dr. Bhargava Shakoon Tablets (30tab)

    109.00117.00 (-7%)

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