Dr. Reckeweg Arsenic Sulphuratum Flavum 4X (20g)

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    White Spots on Skin, Vitiligo, Fear, Hypo-pigmentation of skin

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    Also known as

    Ars Sulph Flav, Asf, Arsenicum Sulphuratum flavum

    Dr. Reckeweg Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum

    Uses of Dr. Reckeweg Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum

    • White spot/patches on Skin. Vitiligo
    • Anxiety and apprehension ( fear of what will happen), restlessness with symptoms.
    • Varicose veins. 
    • Difficult respiration with Sticking behind the ear.
    • Sciatica and pain around the knee.
    • Moist crusts and scales on the scalp. It has been very useful in eczema. Pustules on the scalp. 
    • Chronic inflammation of eyes, of conjunctiva, cornea, iris, lids.
    • Stiffness of cervical(Neck) region, weakness of lumbar( back) and tenderness of coccyx.
    • Fever that has periodicity, associated with sleeplessness, Burning hands and feet..
    • Burning in urethra while passing urine with pain in bladdder.

    Important indicated symptoms of Dr. Reckeweg Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum

    • Useful medicine in old cases of malaria, in great weakness following the abuse of quinine. When eruptions have been suppressed from local medications, and there is great weakness and lack of reaction. 
    • Skin chafed about genitals, Ulceration of breast, Ulcers on legs.
    • Trembling of body and limbs, upper limbs and hands; lower limbs and feet. Twitching of thighs. Weakness of all the limbs; of joints; upper limbs; lower limbs; knees; legs; ankles; feet. 
    • Eruptions; blisters; bloody after scratching; boils; burning; carbuncles, dry.
    • ECZEMA; fetid; herpes; itching; moist with corrosive yellow discharge
    • Burning of the skin after scratching. Burning in spots. Marked coldness of skin of body and limbs.
    • Ulcers bleeding; burning; crusty; DEEP; inflamed; painful, Red, corrosive, offensive, thin, watery, yellow pus.

    Dosage of Dr. Reckeweg Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum

    • Put tablets into mouth and allow them to dissolve under the tongue. 
    • Adults and adolescents (12 years and older): 2 tablets, two times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.
    • Children (under 12 years): 1 tablets twice a day.
    • In acute cases a dose every hour or two
    • In severe, painful affections a dose in half hour.
    • In chronic affections one to two doses daily.


    Always keep a gap of 15 minutes before or after meals when you take medicine.

    If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a homeopathic practitioner before use. 

    Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol .


    Consult a physician before purchasing this medicine. Not for self-medication.


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    Dr. Reckeweg Arsenic Sulphuratum Flavum 4X (20g)

    195.00205.00 (-5%)

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