Dr. Reckeweg Berberis Vulgaris Q (20ml)

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    Kidney Stones (Renal calculi), Renal Colic, Arthritic pains, lumbago, Urinary incontinence and Painful urination with burning in urine


    About Dr. Reckeweg Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture (Q)

    Also known as Berb Vul, BV, Berberis, Barberry

    Causes & Symptoms for (Barberry) Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture (Q)

    Berberis Vulgaris is useful in complaints of Kidney, liver troubles, spleen affections and pain in joints and Flank. It helps to remove the kidney stones and give relief in pain due to Gall bladder stone.

    Berberis helps to reduce both constipation and diarrhoea, and a number of symptoms about the anus. A leading remedy in Lumbago that helps to reduce the pain that extends from the back, round the body and down towards the leg. Numbness, radiating pains and lancinating pains in the kidney area, back and even in extremities.

    Mind: People with anxiety, takes fright easily, and no desire to talk to anyone Confused and unable to list things, cannot do the tasks easily, slow in working pace.

    Head: Fullness and heaviness in the head, with shooting pains that are aggravated by motion. Sensation of increased size of head, as if head is swollen, with tensive pains in forehead and temples.

    Face: Paleness and Dryness of face, with shooting pains on the cheek bones. Sunken eyes, dark circles around the eyes, stitching pains.

    Mouth: Thirst and dryness of mouth with excessive appetite. Whitish vesicles at the end of tongue, ulcers on the gums with bleeding.

    Eyes, Ears and Nose: Eyes: Shooting pains in the eyes with dryness and itching. Heaviness in the eyelids aggaravated after moving the eye balls, after exposure to sun light. Sensation of pressure in the eyes,redness of conjunctiva aggravated after reading and working under less light. Ears: Burning, Itching and dryness with shooting pains in the interior of the ear. Enlarged gland behind the ear with small pustules on the exterior of the ear. Nose: Dryness of the nostril with severe itching, pain in the nostrils.

    Stomach and Abdomen: Stomach: Nausea with desire to vomit, with burning and shooting pains in the stomach that extend upwards to the throat. Bilious complaints with risings. Nausea before breakfast and vomiting before dinner. Abdomen: Acute shooting pains in the abdominal area, pain in the inguinal region, with sensation of tension, pressure and pain in the groin area. Varicose veins in groin area. Pains in the hepatic region which are aggravated after pressure. Swelling of liver with pressure in the region and pain in abdomen, when walking and standing that extends down to the testes, thighs and loins.

    Urinary Organs: Burning pains in the urethra, while urinating with aching pains in bladder. Stitching type of pains in urethra which extend down to thighs, loins is relieved with the help of Berberis Vulgaris. Pulsative pains in the region of kidneys, violent pains that extend to the bladder. Frequent urination with burning sensation if the urine is not passed. Pain in the back Extremities (Upper Limbs and Lower Limbs) Sensation of cold on thighs, heels, and stitiching pains between the fingers. Pains in the balls of feet which are aggravated after walking, lameness of legs after walking. Soreness and sprained feeling in limbs can be reduced with the help of Berberis Vulgaris.

    Generalities: Bubbling sensation and stitching pains accompanied with all the complaints.

    Side effects of Dr. Reckeweg Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture (Q)

    There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given.

    Dosage of Dr. Reckeweg Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture (Q)

    Take 10 to 15 drops in half cup of water (Preferably in warm water for better results) three to four times a day.


    Homeopathic medicines have several uses and are prescribed on the basis of symptom similarity. Consult your physician before using this medicine.


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    Dr. Reckeweg Berberis Vulgaris Q (20ml)

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