Dr. Reckeweg R41 (Fortivirone – Sexual Neurasthenia Drops) (22ml)

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    For Nightfall, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Sexual Weakness

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    Also known by

    r 41, R-41

    Indications of Reckeweg R41

    Lack of vitality, Asthenia, spermatorrhoea, general debility especially in men. 

    After-effects of debilitating illnesses, overwork on physical or other planes

    Overexcitement, Nervous exhaustion. 

    Against various kind of ailments in old-age.

    Premature ejaculation, Erection Difficulty.

    Action of Ingredients of Reckeweg R41

    Acidum phosphoricum:  Useful as a Tonic in case of Impotence and lack of libido (lack of interest)

    Agnus castus: Useful in Lack of vitality; weakness , with high efficacy in low dilution.

    China: Specific effect in cases of disturbances of vitality and ejaculation after debilitating illnesses.

    Conium: Angry irritations, lack of concentration. Hypochondria and in senile debility.

    Damiana: Strengthens the genital regions, relieving the problem of ejaculation and erections.

    Sepia: Acts in cases of exhaustion of all cellular functions, fatigue, aversion for coition.

    Testes: Acts as substitute and stimulant in males to improve the ejaculation effect.

    Dosage of Reckeweg R41

    • Generally 2-3 times daily 15 drops in a little water before meals. In cases of long standing and to achieve a more rapid result, for 2-3 days 10-15 drops can be taken every 1-2 hours.


    Consult a physician before purchasing this medicine. Not for self-medication.


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    Dr. Reckeweg R41 (Fortivirone - Sexual Neurasthenia Drops) (22ml)

    235.00250.00 (-6%)

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